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Coal products marketed by PT. Almindo Jaya Abadi is a coal quality product that is very good “High Calorie” which is 6100 up. What is “High Calorie” coal is a specialist of PT. Almindo Jaya Abadi as a superior product offered to consumers.

Almindo Jaya Abadi also provides

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coal products with the quality of “Middle Calorie” 5,800 Cal, and “Low Calorie” 5.5OO Cal. With a lower scale to accommodate diverse consumer demand.

PT. Almindo Jaya Abadi provides good service with an uninterrupted supply, so

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that it can accommodate the quantity of consumer demand continuously.



In business terms, Weigh Bridge strongly supports the smooth operation and control of product weight. The weigh bridges used are their own, making it easier and faster for the weighing process.



We also have stone breaking machines / (Crusher) in order to fulfill the need for solving and separating certain sizes of coal.



With a fleet of trucks we have of course very useful in helping run the transportation process for smooth distribution and supply.



The various heavy equipment (Excavators) that we provide are also very vital in order to facilitate the large-scale transfer of coal.

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